Discover ways to upgrade your beauty routine with advisor Jolene Hart.

What is Healthy Beauty?

Jolene Hart explains the fundamentals of healthy beauty products, including how to read labels, and ingredients to avoid.

Beauty Resources

HER Beauty Product Guide

Teen Beauty Guide

How to Craft a Healthy Beauty Routine

ACURE at Home

ACURE Beauty educator Tammy helps you to craft your own healthy beauty routine at home.

Self Care at Home


Jolene shares her favorite tips to take care of yourself at home.

Winter Beauty Wisdom


Jolene’s winter beauty tips: the benefits of beauty nutrition, what your body craves in the winter, and how to create balance.

Hair Relaxers, Straighteners, and Heightened Cancer Risks for Black Women

Jolene discusses the studies linking breast cancer to hair relaxers, the products they apply to, and the developing research around personal care-related cancer risks for Black women.