HER Speaker Series

HER Speaker Series

Live Events Monthly on Zoom Find inspiration at home as leaders in health, wellness, business, and community share their stories in monthly virtual events. 100% of proceeds benefit the Unite for HER Wellness Program.


Genetic Testing vs. Tumor-Based Testing

Join our expert panelists as they discuss genetic testing, understanding terminology, and what it can mean for you and your family when diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer.


  • Sue Friedman, Executive Director, FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered 
  • Danielle McKenna, MS, LCGC, Genetic Counselor, Penn Medicine
  • Cecilia Hammond, Senior Medical Liaison, Exact Sciences

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Bone Health Expert Panel

This panel discussion teaches you how to assess your personal risk and explore ways you can improve your bone health through yoga therapy and nutrition.

Featuring Dr. Evelyn Taiwo of Weill Cornell Medicine, Fran Sexton-Conway of Weill Cornell Medicine and Erin Pellegrin RD, LDN of Unite for HER.

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Health Insurance Benefits and Education

Triage Cancer CEO Joanna Fawzy Morales, Esq. helps you to understand your health insurance options, explain how to pick a health insurance plan that works for you, and provide tips for using your health insurance effectively. We will also cover practical ways to manage your medical bills and options to help pay for care.

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Physical Therapy Rehab for Cancer

For those affected by cancer and its treatments, maintaining and/or regaining strength and function is a critical part of recovery. Cancer Rehabilitation empowers people affected by cancer to live their best lives.  Cancer rehabilitation therapists can help you prepare for cancer treatment, maintain strength throughout your cancer journey, and resume the activities you care about the most.  Working with a specially trained therapist to maximize your overall health while receiving cancer treatments can help you stay engaged with family, continue to meet work responsibilities, and continue to enjoy social activities.  Join us for an educational session with Rita Padhiar, DPT, ReVital Certified Therapist, ReVital Cancer Program Director.

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Ovarian Cancer Expert Panel

Ovarian cancer often goes undetected until it has spread within the pelvis and abdomen making it more difficult to treat. Early-stage ovarian cancer, in which the disease is confined to the ovary, is more likely to be treated successfully. A new report from the American Cancer Society finds rates of ovarian cancer have declined by 29% between 1985 and 2014. Ovarian cancer deaths have declined 33% between 1976 and 2015. There has been significant number of approvals for new agents used in treatment of ovarian cancer within past 5-10 years more than ever before, yet we continue to have challenging cases that require novel therapies. Please join us to learn more about this disease and have your questions addressed by a panel of experts.

Special thanks to the National Ovarian Cancer Conference $10,000 Sponsor


Lymphedema: After the Elephant Leaves the Room

Join Neepa Mahulkar OTR/L, CLT, Occupational Therapist, Lymphedema Therapist, and Certified Pink Ribbon Therapist, in an interactive session on Lymphedema and breast cancer rehabilitation, exploring how physical and occupational therapy can improve effects of cancer therapy and treatment.


Mindfulness is Mental Health with Rana Walker

Join Rana on a journey of self love, self discovery and self care…it’s all about you.

Rana will share her journey through breast cancer and beyond and offer mindful practices to bring a sense of calm to your daily experience using her signature mind, body, spirit approach. Her life’s work is to help others reveal who they are in truth


Disrupting Outcome Disparities For Black Breast Cancer Patients with Jamil Rivers of the Chrysalis Initiative

Founder Jamil Rivers speaks about nonprofit organization The Chrysalis Initiative and how it seeks to change outcomes for Black women with breast cancer, as well as the resources provided to address needs.


Balancing Work & Cancer with Rachel Becker LMSW of Cancer and Careers

Balancing treatment and recovery with employment can bring with it many complexities. Challenges may include making decisions about disclose in the workplace, determining whether or not to continue working, identifying solutions for managing side effects, mapping out the process of returning to an existing job (or finding a new one) after time off, and so much more. This presentation explores approaches for figuring out your best path forward when it comes to working and/or job hunting after a cancer diagnosis.

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How to Create and Sustain A Life of Balance and Thriving in 2021

2020 was quite the year!  Many of us started the year creating visions and plans for a fruitful and productive 2021 and beyond.  However, even the best plans run the risk of collecting dust on our desks – unless we can stay focused and on our path.  Easier said than done, especially when life gets busy and we are pulled in a 1000 different directions!  Even still, thriving is our birthright, and our vision for our life deserves to be fulfilled – even when life is challenging.   Learn more about how to stay on your journey to building a life of thriving and balance.  Specifically, learn about the best way to set goals, what compromises your commitment to our goals, and how to get back on track if you get derailed from your plan.


Demystifying Medical Marijuana

Join Dr. Lynn Bornfriend, MD (Cancer Treatment Centers of America), Franmar Kopko, RPh, Director of Education and Medical Professionals (Apothecarium), and Michelle Moleski, Director of Physician and Network Engagement (ILERA Healthcare) for a panel discussion on the usage of medical marijuana as a part of your treatment plan.

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Step Bravely into the New Year with Tracy Davidson and Jen Croneberger

It’s time to hit the re-set button, take stock in what we’ve learned about our resilience skills and take the next step in our own individual journeys. Jen & Tracy will help you gain new perspective on how to see this new year as a time of opportunity, growth and connectedness. You have the chance to gain more insight into your own emotions and your own stories running in your head. Lay a path for your year ahead that will have you more engaged, more fully present and more grateful. Recorded January 7, 2021.


Sex and Intimacy after a Cancer Diagnosis – Getting Your Groove Back with Dr. Sabitha Pillai-Friedman

A cancer diagnosis and treatment can affect your mind and body. How can you get your groove back and reclaim your sensuality and sexuality? Dr. Pillai-Friedman, relationship and sex therapist will discuss the side effects that people experience after cancer treatments and offer creative ways to reclaim your sensuality and sexuality.

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Build Your Body’s Stress Resilience with Jolene Hart

Stressful times take a toll on our health and beauty— unless we have the tools for physical and mental resilience. In this session you’ll learn the top ways to reduce your body’s reactivity to stress using tools that include nutrition, movement, and nature to support stress resilience in the mind, body, and spirit. Talk will include a 15-minute guided yoga nidra session.


The Ground Under Our Feet with Cal Cates

Join Cal Cates and explore the really human aspects of, well…being human. Connect about the pain that so often lies in uncertainty and change and come away with useful and actionable ideas. Learn to create more ease and full-hearted living, without lying to yourself about the things you know are true in your life and in our world. You will laugh, nod your head, wonder why you forgot some of the most important reminders about living and just feel uplifted.


Finding The Words and Being Inspired Each Day with Cheldin Barlatt Rumer

Cheldin Barlatt Rumer shares her “Morning Message” practice. Each morning, Cheldin recites and shares an inspirational and motivational quote. Often, we cannot find the words to express our emotions and feelings. She has found that referring to the words of others has given her clarity and a source of reflection. This practice has truly changed the way she begins each day and lives her life. It affords her the ability to focus on a specific daily mission, become more positive, tackle uncomfortable conversations and address unspoken fears and concerns.