Get inspired in the kitchen with nourishing recipes by our team of registered dietitians.

Nourishing our body and mind is a potent form of self care. The foods we choose to consume do so much more for us than simply give us energy to get through our busy days. Our choices contribute to overall wellness and provide us with so many healing properties. Our approach to food and nutrition is one of abundance.

Our UFH Nutrition team: Erin Pellegrin and Michele DiCristofaro

In other words, we don’t focus on the “bad” foods or center our message on what a person should be eating less of. In fact, it’s the very opposite. We help our community shift their intention to the foods they want to make more room for in their meals, on their plates and in their overall life.

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Easy Veggie Frittata


DIY Grain Bowls

Grain Bowl

Our Favorite Roasted Broccoli


Vegetable Quiche


Vegetable Broth


Chicken Broth


Healthy Drive Thru Cooking Class


Back to Basics Series

If you are new in the kitchen or looking to refresh your skills, then look no further! This series instructs you on basic cooking skills, like how to safely chop an onion or cut a pepper, to help you as you prepare recipes at home. If the topic you would like to see demonstrated is not listed, please contact us!

How to Chop an Onion

Chop an Onion

How to Cut a Bell Pepper

Cut a Pepper

How to Zest


Pickled Red Onion


Tamarind Sauce


How to Roast Vegetables


How to Slice an Onion

How to Slice an Onion

Shrimp Marinade


Asian Inspired Dressing

How to Slice an Onion

Sazon Seasoning