Functional Fitness

Regular strength training can help you through treatment and beyond from lessening the effects of mental fog caused by chemotherapy, to preventing conditions like osteoporosis.

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Stronger Thru Cancer is a virtual fitness community led by cancer survivor and trainer Priscilla Fitzpatrick that will help you build strength and find balance in the safety and comfort of your home. Wellness Program participants can use their passport to receive a 6-month subscription to live and recorded classes with Priscilla, ranging from strength training, resistance training, yoga, and mindfulness.

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Whole Body Resistance

Resistance Training

Restorative Chair Yoga

Restorative Chair Yoga

Practice Balance


Seated Strength Training for Beginners

Beginners Strength Training

Seated Strength Training for Core and Lower Back

Seated Strength Core and Back

Stair Leg Workout

Stair Leg Workout

Mighty Monday Workouts – 15 Minute Sessions